Ceci Dymally was born and raised in Southern California. She discovered her passion for writing as a pre-teen. Honing her skills in high school, she went on to write her first manuscript in her freshman of College at UCLA.

Her first published work was a children’s book, Affirmations for Children, published in 2004.

Ceci’s talent creating colorful, sexy and poignant characters coupled with relative, relatable subjects brings her novel to life. Each page has the reader thirsting to know what happens next. Twisted Circle is her debut novel, and the first of a trilogy.

Interview with R. Ceci Dymally and Aaron Alfred Publishing (AAP)

AAP – The characters in Twisted Circle are quite enthralling, they have some compelling issues. Can you tell us how you settled on these characters and these particular issues?

Ceci– I believe that most of us know someone with one or more of these particular issues. The characters in this novel series are not based on any one person but they are a culmination of things that I have heard or seen over the years coupled with an active imagination.

AAP – Let’s talk about the characters.

Ceci – Who do you want to talk about first?

AAP – Let’s start with the Protagonist. What do you want us to know about Rockye and how she relates to the woman of today?

Ceci – Rockye’s addiction to sex ties back to a nonexistent relationship with her father as well as a mother who neglected to express much sought after affection. I believe a lot of women compromise themselves because they are hungry for that love that they never got in their formative years. There is brokenness on the inside and they choose a vice for satiation that ends up in some cases as an addiction. And in Rockye’s case that addiction was sex.

AAP – Tell us about Keno.

Ceci – Keno is a guy who failed to equip himself in life with the tools early on to support himself with a viable skill to earn a living. He operates primarily in fear of failure and therefore turns to the only thing that he knows best, how to manipulate women with his sexual prowess to gain financial security. He has yet to discover that he has untapped talents and skills that if he applied himself – he wouldn’t need to resort to such subterfuge.

AAP –The character that surprised me the most was Bailey. How could such an accomplished woman have such self esteem issues?

Ceci – I have found that sometimes most successful women are the ones with the self- worth and self esteem issues. Even thought Bailey should have been the epitome of confidence because of her many successes, she was deeply dejected because of the undermining of her critical mother. I have also found that relationships between mothers and daughters are crucial to the success or failure of the daughters. In this case, Bailey was an accomplished business woman but harbored a counter perception of low self worth. Her involvement with a man that treated her as an insignificant tool of his perverted whims was evident of that low self perception.

AAP – I have noticed that there are a lot of mother issues in the book.

Ceci – I can only speak from my perspective and from that vantage point what I have found is that a lot of people are either built up or broken by the maternal figures in their lives. Unfortunately I have seen all too often the latter.

AAP – You used the stage of a therapy group in this novel – why a therapy group?

Ceci – It gave me the opportunity to use dialogue to expose the truth on the minds of the characters, it gave me the platform to expose their brokenness in real time.

AAP – What is the take away that you want your reader to get from this novel?

Ceci – Twisted Circle exposes the damage that comes from the dark places that people harbor as a result of insecurities, low self esteem, low self worth, and how it affects their lives. My point was just to expose some of these dark places and the damage that is causes as a result of relenting to these strongholds.

AAP – The subtitle to this novel is strongholds. Can you elaborate?

Ceci – A stronghold is an incorrect thinking pattern that has molded itself into our way of thinking. These strongholds have the capability to affect our feelings, how we respond to various situations in life and they play a large role in our emotional, psychological and spiritual freedom.

AAP – Where do stronghold come from?

Ceci– Strongholds are built on deception. These deceptions which form strongholds come from a wide variety of sources, including our environment, the people in our lives, our parents and any negative sources. We must tear down these strongholds.

AAP – So how do you tear down a stronghold?

Ceci– I believe that is an individual decision –what I hoped to accomplish by this novel in the series is just to expose these strongholds and how they adversely affect us. Book 2 will deal a lot more with that question.

AAP – Can you tell us about Book 2 and when it will be released?

Ceci – Book 2 with the subtitle – Revelation will not disappoint. It has already been confirmed that it is a page turner. Release day projected the summer of 2016.

AAP – Book 2 subtitle is revelation – what is book 3 subtitle.

Ceci  – Book 1 exposed the stronghold, Book two gives revelation to the strongholds and book 3 gives redemption to the strongholds.

  • Book 1 – Twisted Circle –Strongholds
  • Book 2 – Twisted Circle – Revelation
  • Book 3 – Twisted Circle – Redemption

AAP – In closing Ceci, are there any final words for your readers.

Ceci – First of all I would like to thank everyone that supports me by purchasing the book – it has been a long journey from inception to completion. I want everyone to know that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. I decided to write these series of books over a decade ago. And while a plethora of things happened to circumvent me from accomplishing it, I nonetheless persevered in spite of them.

Lastly, it was my intent when writing these novels to expose the issues that are prevalent today and bring the topics to the surface to talk about and hopefully provide a forum for healing. My intent was to expose the strongholds that bind us – for we cannot heal what is covered up in the closet.

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